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Annette HornbyAnnette Hornby
MAR, MICHT, Cert ASK, BA (Hons), MIoD

Annette has spent 20 years in corporate business, holding positions of Managing Director and European Vice President, before taking on a new challenge in complementary therapy.

Through her previous positions Annette helped companies examine their own health and employee satisfaction.

As an experienced consultant Annette would take an holistic approach to improving the Return on Investment that a company could expect. This basic philosophy is the cornerstone of complementary therapies - ensuring you are not just treating the symptoms but more importantly the cause.

With a growing passion for complementary therapies and a desire to bring her own experience to people, Annette trained at the world renowned Oxford School of Reflexology. A Member of the Association of Reflexologists and also holding qualifications in NAET Allergy, Kinesiology.

Annette is a fully qualified member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiologists.

Annette is also a recognised member of UK Health Centre registered Annette has featured on BBC radio programs and has articles published in the press.


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