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Training Dates for Clients

Location, unless stated by differently, will be;

NAET Training Institute
Holistic Healthcare JuliArnos, Pocklington Lane, Huggate
East Yorkshire, YO42 1YJ United Kingdom

  • NAET Awareness Classes
    Arranged upon request
    Fee: £50 for adults, children free

  • Specialist Disease Awareness Courses
    Arranged upon request
    Fee: £50 for adults, children free

  • Video Conference Training Support: £55
    Date: As agreed
    Location: Online - from your chosen place (home, office etc.)
    One hour session to answer your questions about NAET, what to expect before, during and after treatment. Can cover questions, protocols, patient treatment choices, and general NAET techniques.

NAET Training Institute
Pocklington Lane
Huggate YO42 1YJ
Helen Bowman
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