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Training Course Information for Practitioners

For those who have not already taken basic training in NAET with a live instructor, they must follow proper training with the internet-based course on

NAET Training Institute seminars have been developed to assist NAET Practitioners and Patients understand better the technique and specialist areas of diseases. These seminars will help you to have success with your treatments. Upon request some seminars can be completed in German or French, all are available in English.

The location, unless stated by the event, will be;

NAET Training Institute, ℅Holistic Healthcare, JuliArnos, Pocklington Lane, Huggate,
East Yorkshire, YO42 1YJ, United Kingdom.

NAET Practical Assessment

This practical assessment is for those who have taken the on-line Basic/ADV1, and those already qualified NAET practitioners who would like to have an assessment or improve their practical technique.

The length of the session may depend on the ability of participants, this involves a quick review of the Basic/ADV1 techniques, the material and practical use of the technique. This will ensure the on-line training is understood from the practical aspect of the technique by completing couch work. A place where you can also get your questions answered.

This seminar has been approved and endorsed by Dr Devi and Dr Roy Nambudripad.

Dates will be agreed with the participants as this can be completed individually or in a group, sessions by the hour, half day or full day can be arranged. Please contact Helen to arrange a date and the length of time you would like.

Basic NAET Post Online training / Recertification / Refresher / Awareness:

This seminar is designed for practitioners to get awareness of NAET prior to doing the online class, or, after the online class to review the NAET method and get hands on practice, or, for NAET practitioners to refresh their knowledge and bring questions to assist in developing their technique. This face to face seminar covers the whole of the Basic technique including various categories of allergens and emotions over 3 days.

Specialist Training Courses

Disease area courses where various ailments are described with the view of treatments for them.  Topics can be found here.

TCM Acupuncture Basics for NAET

This Seminar covers Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5 Element Theory, Meridians, Yin & Yang, the main Acupuncture Points that can help treatments.

Recertification Classes

One hour review of the protocol NAET method with assessment of knowledge and practical technique. This is open to all fully-qualified NAET practitioners.

Available at the end of each of the training courses above on application to


For advanced learning practice observations, work alongside an instructor by observing them treating patients, alternatively you bring your patient along and the instructor observes you treating your patient.

Dates will be agreed with the participants, sessions by the hour, half day or full day can be arranged. Please contact Helen to arrange a date and the length of time you would like.

UK Practitioner Meeting

A forum for practitioners to get together to discuss disease areas, treatment protocol, practice their technique and network with other practitioners.  A full day of interesting topics, each person can bring their topics, or a presentation and cases to discuss.

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